Bijou de la créatrice Laetitia Piffeteau

Laëtitia Piffeteau : poetry through jewellery

Laëtitia Piffeteau: poetry through jewellery.

At her house, where her studio is located, we had the opportunity to meet Laëtitia Piffeteau.
Fresh, smiling and very kind, jewels are for her a real passion. That’s why she decided to make it her job. Its eponymous brand, 2 years old, does not fail to make itself known and evolve. Her perceptions for the future? Create, invent, reinvent and innovate.

” Introduce yourself in a few words

I’m Laëtitia Piffeteau, the creator of the eponymous brand. I am a collector of ancient treasures, never ostentatious but very precious for me who will give me inspiration for my work. I became a business leader who orchestrates a job and a passion with all the contradictions that implies. That’s why I described my jewellery as delicate but full of contradictions, a little in my image.

What is your career path?

Very quickly, I wanted to do interior design. I studied applied arts at Boulle school in Paris. Quickly confronted with the interior architecture, I found it very smooth and I discovered the more ephemeral things like the theatre and the scenography. I started my profession doing scenography for theatre and exhibitions, and then I continued for a cosmetics brand. I worked on their booth in department stores. It remained ephemeral architecture, but a little more commercial.

And then, in 2016, I made a reconversion. I did a jewellery training for a year and I decided to launch my brand in 2017. I made jewels for a long time, a little since always, but then it was time making them for others.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Everything! There are many forms that are probably derived from nature but also from architecture, I love antique jewellery, ethnic; it inspires me. Moreover, my first jewels, it was really reusing old pieces to give it a second life. To be awake every day, when we meet someone, during a discussion or when we see a shape on a pavement. I’m taking pictures all the time all over the place.

Why work mainly with brass and not gold, silver or even copper?

Gold why not, for sure I’ll do because I think it’s beautiful, but probably in a thoughtful
way. And then, it offers ten times more possibilities between the mixing of materials. I chose brass because it’s super nice to work with, I like the colour, I compare it to my desires for rough and delicate, it fits well. However, it oxidizes quickly, that’s why I chose to make it golden or gold plated. In any case the work of the colour of the gold was a really very meticulous work to precisely stall almost on a yellow gold which is close to the brass.

I work a little bit with money too because I like the mix, the superposition of colours, I find it interesting.

Is there a piece that represents the culmination of your work?

Not yet. The last piece is always like a little achievement. I put it until I create another one.
I think it’s a journey, it would be super pretentious to say that I have something successful today. But I like the idea of “I walk and it changes”. I find them all more or less accomplished but I want to do more. This is not an end in itself.

Why did you choose the AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES label to represent your brand?

Because I had a real crush on Eddy’s concept, his story, the images he proposed with this offbeat side and mixing cultures of our contemporary society. So, I was delighted that our meeting, our heart stroke is mutual.”

Interview by Apolline PRULHIERE.


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