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Cigarette cut, bell leg, long, short or wide… Dare to show off your femininity by choosing designer pants! At AÉ, you don’t have to suffer to be beautiful, which is why the models will look great on all silhouettes. Indeed, there is something for everyone, and for good reason, pants are essential pieces of our wardrobe and our daily lives. Whether you are looking for chic pants for going out dancing, quality jeans for every day or even classic pants for your work days, you will find what you need thanks to the unique designs of our designers ! Discover in particular the creations of the Parisian house ADN, which was born thanks to the awareness of the designer Léa Chabaa, who decided to no longer give in to overconsumption by creating fundamentals that last, resist trends and are easy to combine. The ADN house pants are made in the heart of Paris in an eco-responsible way thanks to carefully selected materials. The brand’s jeans are all cut in Denim Selvedge fabric, 100% cotton. This weaving is made in Italy, by Candiani Denim, specializing in high-end denim since 1938.

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