Adn Paris or the essence of the essential

 It was a real click! Of all my wardrobe, only the “essentials” were saved… and a project was born – Léa Chabaa, founder of Adn

Léa Chabaa créatrice de la marque ADN-Paris

The awareness of our excesses in terms of fashion consumption will serve as a foundation for the brand Adn, created by Léa Chabaa. But an awareness that rejects neither aesthetics, nor the requirement of detail, nor the rigor in the choices of design and manufacture. Adn is indeed a house that offers desirable clothes, impeccable finishes and the perfect outfit. Clothing designed to last. Clothes with impeccable cuts. Adn offers women and men a timeless, elegant and easy to combine wardrobe.

It is during a move that Léa realized the volume of clothes she had stored over time, to finally wear only the same pieces, the fundamentals. She then rethinks the essential points, on which she will be uncompromising : quality, materials, details and manufacturing method. Her goal : offering pieces that last, that resist trends, that are easy to combine and that we never tire of. To put her credo into practice, Léa chooses an artisanal and local confection for its main materials :

  • Mesh and jersey – Paris 20th
  • Warp and weft -Paris 11th
  • Denim – Pantin (at the neighborhood of Paris)

The clothing made in these 3 Parisian workshops guarantees you both mastered and controlled know-how, and more responsible fashion. But Adn (Dna, in english) doesn’t stop there. The choice of materials is also an issue. They all come from reputable houses :

  • The cotton poplin of the Origin model is an Egyptian cotton Gyza 87, renowned worldwide for its fineness and high quality, its shine and softness. Woven by an artisan supplier recognized by tailors, Thomas Mason, this cotton from the edge of the Nile will withstand repeated washing
  • The Mako jersey, which you will find in the composition of the Birth t-shirt, is 100% Egyptian cotton woven by the Italian house Cotton Trend
  • The jeans are all cut from a Denim Selvedge fabric, 100% cotton, the weaving of which, on artisanal looms, is tighter and therefore more resistant than other Denim fabrics. This weaving is made in Italy, by the house Candiani Denim, specializing in high-end denim since 1938 and considered one of the “most sustainable” in the world. The washed models are made in RE-GEN canvas : 50% recycled cotton and 50% Tencel x REFIBRA ™ lyocell, without the need for new cotton production (40% BCI cotton *). The dyeing follows a process that saves water and chemicals (75% less water than conventional jeans manufacturing and 65% less chemicals), thanks to the Kilotex technique and Indigo Juice technology
  • Pour la chemise Spring, Adn a opté pour un Denim 100% coton biologique certifié GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) travaillé en Turquie 


Adn has won its bet “to restore value to clothing thanks to local artisanal manufacturing and an uncompromising selection of the best materials that allow us to design clothing that stands the test of time”, by offering you high-end, responsible and sustainable fashion. 

Adn, a versatile and timeless wardrobe – Léa Chabaa

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