Designer earrings that combine tradition and modernity

Highlight your face with designer earrings in multiple shapes. Mobile, asymmetrical, hoop, lantern and calligraphy models will allow you to adapt each piece to your style, outfit or adornment. The creators of the Label AÉ fashion these jewels with noble and resistant materials such as 925 silver, gold plated, brass gilded with gold, vermeil or even yellow silk threads and gold threads. Discover in particular the earrings from the house LAËTITIA PIFFETEAU, finely crafted to represent French charm. The brand’s jewelry is handcrafted from brass and then coated with fine 24-karat gold by a craftsman recognized for his excellence. You will also be able to travel with the pieces of the house NUNKI BY SL, born from a passion for the cultures of the world. The designer shares her imagination with us through handcrafted weaving games, the association of colors and natural pearls. Of Jewish origin, this weaving method was developed by Moroccans in the 1920s and continues thanks to the few craftsmen who have passed this art down from generation to generation. As you will have understood, the choice is vast! From the elegance of Parisian style to the traditional richness of Moroccan jewelry, your ears are just waiting to be adorned with these unique works.

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