Nunki by SL

“Beauty and precision “of the craftsman’s gesture. Nunki By SL, open hand to the world, from Fez to Paris.

Bracelet en fils d'or ou d'argent par Nunki by SL chez Label AÉ Paris

“Very early on, I developed my interest in different cultures, a passion that I nurture during many trips around the world. This is how I learned to reveal the beauty of things, of all origins, giving my creations a character that is both unique and authentic”. This quote could have suited our “history of the label, because it simply and forcefully evokes the approach that drives us. And it is with so much simplicity that Stéphanie Lanskin, creator and founder of Nunki By SL, translates it into her creations of easy-to-wear, timeless, and yet precious jewels.

14 karat gold, silver, brass gilded with 24 karat gold threads, bronze threads, natural pearls (Turquoises, Lapis Lazuli, Onyx, Tourmalines …), the materials used are noble. Through games of artisanal weaving, association of colors and touches of natural pearls, Nunki By SL highlights a traditional know-how, at the service of a jewel for the women of today: the sfifa. Of Jewish origin, this weaving was developed by Moroccans in the 1920s and is therefore inseparable from traditional outfits such as the caftan for women or the salham for men. It is made of silk or scali threads (or gold threads). This know-how continues thanks to the few rare craftsmen who have passed this art down from generation to generation. Because the younger generations have now abandoned this profession of patience and thoroughness. The craftsman Stéphanie Lanskin works with is perhaps one of the best still working in Fez. A whole day is necessary to make 8m of stripes.

Tradition at the service of modernity

If Stéphanie Lanskin makes us discover this craft, it is because she discovered it while she lived in Morocco and that she knew how to appreciate its richness, even to use in her work of creation, of first as a decorator then in fashion. She quickly saw the potential of this weaving and designed her first jewelry, precious jewelry, for modern women. Soft, colorful bracelets, to wear alone or to put together. But also, shimmering earrings. The weaving of these pieces is made of gold thread, silver thread, bronze, brass gilded with fine gold and natural threads from plants, made in France and Morocco. To keep your jewelry easy and comfortable to use, Stéphanie makes it impermeable to water and stains, by applying a natural and eco-responsible product.

“Through these collections, I want to promote craftsmanship and pay tribute to manual work.” – Stéphanie Lanskin, Nunki By SL

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