Men’s essentials by our designers

The creators of the Label AÉ design multiple authentic pieces that combine tradition and modernity for men. Whether through unisex pieces or created especially for men, you will find unique and original creations to complete your look. From leather pouches, to silk twill scarves and denim shirts, the Label’s craftsmen are full of creativity and offer you a varied and unusual style palette. Discover, among other things, the ANISSA AÏDA men’s wrap-kimono jacket, a designer who blends the cultures of Japan and Tunisia to offer us unique and rare clothes, made using ancestral techniques such as silk weaving. You can also enjoy wool and silk stoles in various colors and patterns of the MARACADABOU brand, which is inspired by the diversity and cultures of the world by choosing to imagine its pieces around 4 themes: florals , graphics, oriental and whimsical. Because we never have enough basics in our wardrobe, we also recommend the T-shirts, jeans or denim jackets from our designers, made with noble materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton, straight denim canvas. from Italy or even Egyptian cotton Mako with silk fiber.

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