1, 2, 3, MA-RA-CA-DA-BOU !
Silk scarves and wool stoles with original prints, vibrant colors

Far from the magical incantation, Maracadabou’s creations are inspired by the mix that surrounds us and the cultures of the world, like so many ethnic and dreamlike paintings, which revolve around 4 themes : florals, graphics, the Orientals and the fancy ones.

Émilie Menu, the founder of the brand, creates scarves, stoles, ribbons and scrunchies that she sees as “a pretty surface for artistic expression accessible to all”. And that’s true ! In addition to sublimating you, the accessory then becomes a work of art, which you (re)discover each time you put it on and the way you wear it. Her studies at the Beaux-Arts sharpened her eye to perceive beauty, proportions and harmony of colors. The Maracadabou creations will convey the enthusiasm, cheerfulness and curiosity of the child who lies dormant in you!

Émilie imagines and designs all of her 100% silk scarves and wool stoles, as well as her accessories, in her workshop in Lyon. In Lyon, she learns, examines and details the history of silk weaving. Although Lyon has been the silk capital for centuries, “today the raw material, know-how, industrial tools and technologies are in China and India” : Maracadabou scarves are made in China at Hangzhou and stoles in Delhi, India. 

Emilie Menu Créatrice de la Marque Maracadabou

It is in full transparency and by recognizing the quality of this “out of place” craftsmanship that Émilie has chosen this circuit, to offer you models at a reasonable price. A circuit which is certainly not the shortest, but which has been designed without intermediary, from the manufacturer to Émilie’s hands, then the creations delivered to you. Her works, worked by mixing drawing on paper and digital, are produced in small series to guarantee originality.The patterns are inkjet printed (less polluting technique), with Oeko Tex certified inks. The innovative process of the manufacturer chosen by Émilie allows – which is still rare today – a double-sided printing, with a perfect rendering: no more front or back!

Maracadabou, these aree sont 

  • 100% mulberry silk scarves, ribbons and scrunchies (quality 6A). The weaving produced offers an exceptional silk twill, which can only be found in large specialist houses. Each border is hand rolled. The scarves are 90X90cm squares
  • stoles made of 90% wool and 10% silk, very soft, warm in winter and which keep your body temperature in the off-season. Two sizes available for the stoles : a large square of 120X120cm with a pom pom at each corner and a rectangle 190X70cm lined with two pieces of fabric sewn to each other

Maracadabou silk scarves and wool stoles, works of art to wear !

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