Luxury artisan creations to decorate your interior

Adorn your interior with exclusive designer pieces that stand out for their originality and their special know-how. In particular, we offer products from the JOVER + VALLS brand, an interior decoration workshop, which offers us modern, refined pieces that are handcrafted by expert craftsmen. Designed in Spain, each of the brand’s pieces tells a story thanks to quality materials and excellent mastery of traditional techniques.
A selection of carefully scented luxury candles will allow you to compose your own olfactory universe and enjoy various scents that will stimulate your senses and make you travel. Smokeless, JOVER + VALLS candles are an ecological and natural alternative since they are made from vegetable waxes, known for their low melting temperature which allows a long burning time and guarantees an excellent diffusion of aromas. They also incorporate cotton wicks made from natural fibers, which are also environmentally friendly.
Tell fragrant stories thanks to the aromas of cinnamon, the oriental flavors of Oud wood or even the freshness of the scents of spring flowers. You can also play with materials by discovering the brand’s collection of leather candlesticks, made from quality European cowhides, and available in several colors thanks to dyes made from natural pigments. Let these natural fragrances transform your home!

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