Jover+Valls at Label AÉ Paris : obvious …

Like an extension of oneself, clothing, jewelry and accessories, when thought out and produced with reason and requirement, can become true manifestos, a signature of our identity.
At Label AÉ Paris, we believe the same is true with furniture and decoration, and of course, architecture. The furniture designed by the Jover+Valls duo are like architectural achievements, where technique and aesthetics come together to create unique, simple and refined pieces ; totally exclusive. We admire the mastery of materials (leather, metal) and the perfect harmony of their association. The design and production of Jover+Valls creations are carried out in Spain, in their ironwork workshop in Alcoy, near Alicante, where the skins worked by artisans in the accessories and footwear sector come from.

It is therefore this first evidence that naturally brought us together. But not only !
Javier Jover, from the Fine Arts, has developed his sensitivity and his ability to tame the peculiarities of this living material that is leather, especially during his career at Zara, where he creates fashion items and accessories. And that’s when we met, both working for the same brand.

Javier Jover et Quico Valls créateur de marque de Jover&Valls

As for his partner and accomplice, Quico Valls, he crafts the pieces of metal that correspond to leather, like a goldsmith, to give them all the necessary contemporaneity and lightness, based on relentless technical mastery. It is the meeting of these two worlds so different and so complementary that will give the DNA of the house of Jover+Valls, in perfect balance.

A deep friendship, unfailing confidence, tinged with admiration for the rigorous work of this tandem, then led to a second evidence : presenting some of their creations in the Label AÉ catalog.
We invite you to discover their aesthetic universe, with their variety of luxury candles : vegetable wax, premium vegetable leather, metal, glass. Travel through the most refined scents and keep the containers (XL, XXL) as unique and rare decorative objects.

The exclusivity and uniqueness of Jover+Valls candles for an incredible journey of the senses !

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