The “Silver Haute Couture” from Finland.

The Linkki chain, the link that binds us

When we talk about the Nordic countries, what, more generally, do we think of ? Of history, with the Viking invasions ? Of sumptuous, snowy and cold landscapes ? Perhaps also, of Santa Claus ?… But the Nordic countries are also countries where design excels, which makes the link between functionality, technique and inspiration from nature (see the work of the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, Danish designers Verner Panton, Poul Kjærholm, Arne Jacobsen). Finland, in particular, has also been able to mark its presence, with world-famous houses, such as Iittala or Marimekko.

From this effervescence was born a generation of creators who rely on their solid heritage. This is the case of Enja Muinonen, the founder of Linkki. Its concept is simple, clear, limpid : a strong, unisex jewel, in the shape of a link in a chain, symbolizing the link – linkki, in Finnish – which unites us to each other. Like a model that comes to infinity, the Linkki jewel is a timeless, recognizable piece.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces and other belts are designed from the same pattern : the weaving of round silver mesh, assembled by hand, linked to each other, all from silver threads 925 full (which explains the weight of the jewel). Enja Muinonen integrates ecological awareness into her work : she uses recycled silver threads (70% minimum) and is supplied in Finland via a Nordic supplier, recognized worldwide for the quality of its silver. Each bracelet, necklace, ring and belt is handcrafted in the designer’s workshop in France.

Collier de la marque Linkki chez Label AÉ Paris

Born in Lahti, Finland, where she spent her childhood, Enja learned the art of silver weaving from her father. She has been living in France for about thirty years and, on the strength of the success of her creations, ends up devoting herself entirely to what was then only a hobby. “I wanted to go back to basics and creating Linkki jewelry allowed me to find a balance – a new link – between my Finnish roots and my life in France. These jewels are the fruit of my story, of what my father transmitted to me, and of what I in turn want to transmit to others through my creations” – Enja Muinonen.

Linkki, timeless jewelry, in full 925 silver threads, for Her. For him.

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