The poetry and modernity of Laëtitia Piffeteau’s creations operate, again and again! Oiseau and Ramage (which exist individually) form an asymmetric pair ; Oiseau, with its hand hammered brass rod giving a unique relief ; natural pearl. And Ramage, with its multitude of hand-hammered pendants, forming a unique and graceful cluster.

Length 6,5cm

You will receive your hand-hammered gold-plated brass jewel within 3-4 working days in mainland France

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Asymmetric earrings – Ramage and Oiseau (pair)



Asymmetric earrings Ramage and Oiseau, earring, hand hammered and 18k gold plated brass ; natural pearls

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Take care of your jewelry. Each jewel of Laëtitia Piffeteau is unique, made with care by hand so that it accompanies your daily life. In raw brass, guaranteed nickel-free, it is delicately hammered then gilded with 18-carat fine gold by a specialized Parisian craftsman and recognized for its excellence To preserve its shine and its lifespan, some tips are recommended such as not sleeping, playing sports or swimming with it, avoiding contact with cosmetics and perfumes, cleaning products or solvents ... And, when you are not wearing it, it is best to store it in a case or in the tissue paper that came with your jewelry.


Ramage and Oiseau earrings consist of a brass rod, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, a multitude of brass pendants, the whole, shaped and hammered by hand; 18k gold plating ; natural stone

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