Affaires Étrangères pays homage to travel through its designer skirts. Indeed, all these creations are the result of a mix of materials and origins. Because as subjective as it is, beauty is everywhere. Short or long, straight or asymmetrical, rather rock or elegant, you will find the perfect piece to express your style and enhance your outfits !

Discover in particular the creations of the New York luxury house PATRICK CUPID whose prints are inspired by the style of the 70s and whose collections are inspired by history, such as the “ALL IN JEST” collection which reflects through its designs, the figure of the royal court jester, a 17th century character, the only one capable of penetrating all social circles and of speaking the truth without consequence. Discover in particular the brand’s low-rise model in metallic silk, which will accompany your most beautiful evenings thanks to its gold color and impeccable finish. Whether for a chic evening, a gallant dinner or even a day out with friends, PATRICK CUPID’s designs will allow you to combine style and history, while ensuring that you are dressed in quality pieces thanks to a know-how. to master and materials such as metallic silk, silk georgette or even fine wool.

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