Melina Kistani

Melina Kistani

Creations with historical and artistic reach. A desire to tell a story through architectural works.

Créateur de mode Melina Kistani

Melina Kistani’s achievements: between architecture and history.
Her taste and vision for art developed during her architectural studies in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Through her training in design through experimental projects and workshops, then as a landscape architect, her interest in jewelry and crafts has only grown.
The designer sees jewelry not only as ornaments or accessories, but also as symbolic objects that tell a story.
Ancient Greece and architecture are sources of inspiration for her in the process of creating and making her jewelry. Originally from Greece, living in Switzerland, Melina Kistani takes us on a journey through cultures, know-how and traditions.
Her excellent mastery of goldsmithing allows her to express her creativity and imagination through unique handmade jewelry, always part of her history and memories. The use of noble materials, such as solid silver, 925 silver coated with 22k gold and enamel, accentuates the poetry of her pieces.

High-end jewelry mixing culture and modernity

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