Sonika Studio

Sonika Studio

Legacy as a flag: modern leather goods seen by Sonika Studio

Sac cabas Tonika de la marque Sonika Studio

Unique handcrafted bags that combine minimalist design, cultural know-how and committed fashion

It is with enthusiasm that the Label AÉ Paris presents the house Sonika Studio, which honors, in its Kramabags collection, a traditional Cambodian fabric (the Krama). Hand-woven, the Krama, a piece of checked cotton, blends in perfectly with the minimalist, timeless and modern shapes of the house’s creations. The shape, the functional use of these bags and pouches on the one hand, and the aesthetic and practical use of the Krama on the other hand, make these designer pieces clever everyday objects. A bridge is stretched between craftsmanship and modern uses. A cultural heritage with contemporary design!

Sonika Studio also seduced the Label AÉ Paris for its environmental awareness and its vision of responsible fashion: the principle of slow fashion. Only manufacturing in very small series, rather than producing for storage. And only design timeless pieces, which we never tire of and which ignore trends. “Each shape has its raison d’être”

From the choice of materials to the metal parts, everything is thought out so that Sonika Studio creations accompany you over the years. Italian leathers are selected for their feel and appearance and acquire a patina over time. These skins come exclusively from food chain waste, locally produced and are processed by tanneries that comply with European REACH standards, for the protection of the environment. The Krama has received a water repellent and wear resistant treatment. Edge-dyeing gives a luxury finish to the house’s high-end bags, made in the best workshops in Hungary, where Szonja, the founder of Sonika Studio, is from.

The know-how of Hungarian artisans is recognized by many luxury houses: renowned for their talent in leather goods, gloves and shoe making, this craft continues. Szonja, by appealing to them, pays tribute not only to her country, but also to these women and men who have transmitted this culture of excellence to her. A wonderful legacy!

Szonja (pronounced Sonia) grew up in Budapest, Hungary. She studied at ENSCI Les Ateliers (industrial design school) and moved to Paris, having adopted and married (literally!) Cambodia, her country of heart. Sonika Studio was born in 2018, a meeting between design, craftsmanship and fashion. Its credo: “the object that makes sense”, a design object whose goal is “to settle permanently in our life and to make itself essential.”

Sonika Studio, minimalist bags, with a mixed mark, for everyday use

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