One observation: “Fashion is gradually moving away from the passion of its protagonists and the expectations of its customers” – Luca Colosimo

Sac du créateur de mode 10.03.53

This analysis of fashion is that of a fashion designer. He knows what he’s talking about, having been designing and creating accessories since he was 20 years old. According to him, the accessory must be given its autonomy, its independence, that is to say, make it exist in its own right. The bag is no longer just an extension of our look, nor a simple mimicry of a commercial trend. It is not just there to give us social status, but it is indeed an object in its own right, which appeals to us for what it is, for its functional and technical characteristics, for its aesthetics. That’s why the Italian Luca Colosimo, the talent behind the 10.03.53 house, talks about independent bags.

This brand’s manifesto won over the AÉ Paris Label = Label AE Paris, especially since all the stages in the design of contemporary bags, satchels, card holders and baskets respond to a slow-fashion concern and an environmental conscience. All the development of the pieces takes place in Paris and the production takes place in workshops in Italy, the other homeland of the excellence of leather goods know-how. The creations are then designed with luxury leathers remaining in the stocks of these same workshops, in order to avoid any new treatment of the leather and to promote a conscious mode of operation. 10.03.53 promotes high-end upcycling. Then, the finished article is shipped to France by sea. Caring for each step, from the production model, to the choice of materials, including quality is, for Luca Colosimo, as important as the finished result. 10.03.53 thus puts temporality, tradition and sharing in the foreground. Feedback on the entire creation and production process; back to handmade; return to the time before where everything is valued and not just the aesthetic result. A saving nostalgia!

You will certainly be seduced, as we have been, by this constantly evolving project. By his creations. And by its initiator, Luca. He studied fashion at the Instituto Secoli in Milan in 2010 while working, to pay for his studies, at Céline, and self-taught with a leather craftsman. He experiments, evolves, and already gives life to materials doomed to destruction. Brilliant, he won a scholarship funded by Gucci and specialized in leather goods prototyping, and entered the development department of the famous house. Curious, eager to learn and to open up to the world, he settled in Paris. Then he left for 8 months in Mexico where he created, in Tulum, on the beach, personalized tote bags, live, in front of client-spectators.

Back in Paris, he combines artistic creation and manual work, in the studios of Isabel Marant. And it is in 2020 that Luca begins the 10.03.53 project, building on his training, his initiation and his career. It is this beautiful project that the AÉ Paris Label makes you discover, a tribute to fine work and craftsmanship. 10.03.53, code name of a sparkling star who guides and watches over its creator …

The independent unisex bag has found its master and its audience

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